Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Collection: Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2012

Comme des garçons - the fashion house founded by the legendary rei kawabuko back in 1969 - has long been associated with the breaking of boundaries and social commentary since its humble beginnings. In her latest collection, Rei has presented a controversial collection based on feminist ideology and, more importantly, the institution of marriage.

"White Drama" is certainly what Rei managed to create with her collection of intricate gowns made from sumptious silk and frothy tulle, created to replicate classic wedding dresses with a subversive twist.The "brides" often had their face covered with beautiful lace veils, their limbs drowned by oversized jackets with distinctive curved silhouettes and floral detailling or their wrists bound by lace gloves and silk ribbon, referencing the subversive nature of the woman in history.

In creating this collection, Rei has proven once again that she has the rare ability to create breathtaking garments which manage to be oversized yet still flattering, dramatic but not overly flamboyant, whilst still managing to add subtle hints of controversy; enough to make sure that this collection will likely remain one of her most-discussed for years to come.

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