Saturday, 19 May 2012

Designer #4 - Yiqing Yin

Offering a unique take on traditional couture is Chinese couturier Yiqing Yin. Making her debut as guest designer at Paris Fashion Week, Yin made waves with her collection; a mix of ethereal beauty and edgy detailing. Yin's collection was primarily based on the idea of contrast of texture - luxurious velvet was teamed with tough leather, whilst billowing tulle was used with silk to juxtapose light and dark. A monochrome palette and subtly exaggerated silhouette kept the pieces classic enough to last for years to come, whilst the nods towards a space-age aesthetic hinted that is certainly not the last we will be seeing from this designer.


  1. Great post! Though just a slight error- Yiqing Yin is Chinese not Japanese.

  2. You're a star, thanks for that! Corrected - glad you enjoyed!