Thursday, 31 May 2012

Show; Chanel Metiers d'Art 2012

The Métiers d'Arts is an annual event hosted by Chanel, and one of the biggest events on the fashion calendar. It is not a fashion show in a traditional sense; it is a visual extravaganza, a collection of indescribably luxurious gowns, accessories and footwear designed by the ateliers, milliners and couturiers associated with Chanel. Launched eight years ago, the line was created to showcase French craftmanship and also to serve as an antidote to the disposable mentality of fashion at the time. As the price tags show, these pieces are not made to be worn only once; each item is a work of art in its own right, from the bejewelled bindis to the embellished coats, every item is a piece to be treasured.

Chanel Métiers d'Art 2012
Chanel Métiers' d'Art 2012
The 2012 collection is entitled "Paris-Bombay", and aims to recreate the inimitable luxury of traditional Indian clothing. Asked about why he looked to the East for inspiration, Lagerfeld explained that after previously looking to countries such as Shanghai, he wished to do something unexpected. The use of luxury was also a response of sorts to the recent economic crisis - in the words of Lagerfeld, "the crisis shouldn't be over-emphasised; people have always responded to difficulty by dressing up in jewels." This statement is key to understanding the clothes - for the many who are unable to afford the hefty price tags that come with a slice of Chanel couture, the show was truly an exercise in escapism. Admitting that he had never actually been to India, Lagerfeld acknowledges that the collection is as much a fantasy for him as it is for his lucky spectators. In typical grandiose fashion, a selection of extremely lucky guests were treated to dinner seated at an enormous white table, enjoying dinner and canapés whilst iconic models (Stella Tennant was just one of the models used) were sent down an expansive white runway dripping with jewels.

Chanel Métiers d'Art 2012
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From head-to-toe, the details of every outfit were exquisite. For example, the bags took the classic Chanel blueprint and featured all of the details that the brand is renowned for - the chain handles, quilted material and the infamous Chanel logo were all present, but the bags were tougher than usual. The straps were adorned with jewelled roses, the embellishments were heavily clustered, straying from the usual Chanel formula of minimalistic accessories. The result is some of the most beautiful bags in Chanel history that perfectly walk the line between elegance and edginess.

Chanel Métiers d'Art 2012 Accessories

The theme of luxury also ran through the jewellery used for the show. Excess was the objective - Lagerfeld took traditional Indian accessories (bindis, nose rings) and turned them into objects of desire. Beautiful jewelled bindis were everywhere, and have sparked a trend amongst blogging microsites such as Tumblr, fast becoming the item of jewellery that everyone wants. Intricate chains were weaved through dreadlocked hair, whilst manicured fingers were covered in exquisite gold chain gloves. Necklaces were bigger than ever before, multiple strands of rubies and pearls were interspersed with the classic "CC" logo and a spectacular number of jewels to capture the real essence of luxury. If Lagerfeld aimed to create escapism, his ludicriously over-the-top collection certainly fulfilled his objective. One look at this collection is enough to be transported into his incredible word of excess, and whilst few can actually afford this luxury, we are all lucky enough to be able to marvel at it.

Jewelled bindis became the hottest look of the season

Chanel Métiers d'Art 2012 - traditional nose ring with a twist


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