Tuesday, 30 October 2012


There are countless reasons that I love fashion so much, one of the main reasons being that it's such a wonderful source of escapism. Although the incredible outfits showcased on runways are hardly practical or wearable, when worn in the context of an editorial shoot they truly come to life. Runway shows are designed to be a spectacle; from the grandiose settings to the ethereally beautiful models, they are a visual orgasm made to transport the viewer into a different world.

In terms of the garments themselves, nothing emanates elegance and escapism more than couture gowns. Every detail of a couture gown is immaculate, the shows themselves are even more magnificent; the sky is the limit in terms of both budget and theatricality. One of the masters of couture, and one of the reasons that I am so enamoured with the world of couture is the legendary couturier Christian Lacroix. Every piece that he designed was both extravagant yet elegant, and teamed with incredible styling and breathtaking sets, his shows are nothing short of mesmerising.

Partly so I can stop gushing and mainly so that you can see for yourself, just look below. I beg you.

Lacroix Haute Couture 1998

Lacroix Haute Couture 1995

Lacroix Haute Couture 1997

Lacroix Haute Couture 1990
Lacroix Haute Couture 1987

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