Thursday, 18 July 2013


Although it has been a few months since the collection was first showcased, Kenzo today released the video ad campaign for their Fall 2013 Menswear collection. Entitled 'Cloudbusting', the short clip brings the collection into context by showing a series stunt riders surrounded by clouds of smoke, decked out in cloud-print jackets and plastic clip-up belts. The concept of the video is said to have been to create an abstract landscape that represents 'day clouds' and 'night clouds' - as the video begins in the daytime and culminates in darkness, the abstract puffs of neon mist are a perfect visual representation of the sky-prints that were key to the collection.

The soundtrack to the film is equally eerie - by choosing 'Kingpinning' by transgender rapper of the moment Mykki Blanco (click here to follow Mykki on Twitter - well worth doing!), Kenzo once again demonstrates that they have immaculate taste. The Parisian house has recently renewed its aesthetic, choosing to focus on clean lines, abstract prints and subtle Oriental influences, and are one of the best examples of the 'East Meets West' movement that is currently dominating both mens and womenswear. In short, the collection and the accompanying campaign are representative of a new wave of young talent within the fashion industry that are successfully redefining the concept of minimalism. 

Photos of the collection after the jump!

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