Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Designer #1 - Alexandre Vauthier

The next five posts will be part of a series entitled "the five best designers you haven't heard of", designed to highlight the up-and-coming talent on display at the fashion shows of Spring/Summer '12. These five designers come from all over the world and have collectively used materials such as lace, diamonds and cartoon characters and combined them to create something incredible. 

The first of the five designers is Alexandre Vauthier, the French couturier whose designs are already making a splash in the celebrity world – BeyoncĂ© herself chose to wear one of Vauthier’s unique creations in the photoshoot for her new album. One look at Vauthier’s Spring/Summer ’12 collection shows us why; the French designer showed a collection with a metallic and pastel-based colour palette, taking traditional evening dresses and adding pastel purple fur stoles and cut-out details to create a look that was edgy, fresh and feminine. Click below to see more of the incredible collection!

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