Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Designer #2 - Junya Watanabe

Although arguably no longer up-and-coming, it is definitely worth mentioning the Spring/Summer '12 collection by the fantastic Junya Watanabe. Japanese designers have always been known for their inventive, innovative take on fashion, and Junya (protégé of the legendary Rei Kawabuko) has proven this reputation to be true.
Watanabe's latest collection was a fusion of Eastern and Western culture, taking classic paisley prints and masculine tailoring and pairing them with traditional, and often extremely feminine, Japanese patterns. The result was a glorious amalgamation of modern and vintage, of feminine and masculine, finished off with elaborate headpieces made of peacock feathers. The designer is no longer a rookie on the fashion circuit, but her imagination never fails to impress and her collections never cease to amaze. Take a look below at some of the collection's finest moments..

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