Monday, 25 June 2012

The world of fashion; is it too exclusive?

Okay so I haven't done this in the past, and I would love to receive feedback on whether you would like to see these kind of posts more regularly, but recently I have been thinking about the world of fashion and how it relates to the everyday citizen; more specifically the world of designer fashion. For the majority of the population it isn't difficult to argue that the world of high fashion serves, first and foremost, as a method of escapism. I, like many others am fascinated by Fashion Week; the spectacular runway shows, the breathtaking detail of the clothes and the unattainable beauty of the models all help to create a world that seems to exist parallel to reality. Legendary designers such as Donatella Versace, Nicolas Ghesquière, Marc Jacobs - they all work to create magnificent shows that are works of art in their own right, yet it is easy to forget that all that they are doing is merchandising a product. Even the most breathtaking shows serve only the same purpose as a Primark window display; they are there to make consumers want to buy the product.

The remarkably grandiose set of McQueen's S/S 2007 runway show
Florence & the Machine performing at the Chanel S/S '12 - just another marketing ploy?

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When watching fashion shows it's fair to say that most people don't think about the actual price tags of the intricate garments worn by the models. Although most collections are Ready To Wear, it seems almost impossible to think of a regular, Size 14 woman wearing these clothes; when, for example, would a young single mother have occasion to wear Simone Rocha's semi-sheer organza gown? It's for this reason that many people see fashion as an elitist industry, which is a stereotype that many would dispute, but all the evidence would suggest otherwise. Browsing through online boutique is both a great delight and a great shock - although some of the pieces are lower in price (and by lower in price I mean less than £200..) it is true that the general price range is between £300 and £600. Anna Wintour famously said that those who feign disinterest in fashion do so only because they feel that they don't belong. Is it really surprising that this is the case? Given today's economic climate, many cannot afford designer fashion, and the world of high fashion remains one which many people are unable to buy into. So, the question must be asked; is the world of fashion too exclusive? To compete, should designers compromise quality but lower prices so that more people are able to afford their designs? What do you guys think?

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