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Fall 2012 Highlights; Balenciaga RTW

In the world of fashion it is becoming more difficult than ever to be truly innovative, even moreso to be innovative without sacrificing wearability. The Fall 2012 RTW collections were each different in their own way but a select few designers completely succeeded in updating their aesthetic whilst remaining unique, so the next few blog posts will be solely dedicated to my personal favourite collections. The first highlight of the season came in the form of an über-futuristic show by Balenciaga's Nicolas Ghesquière. Once again, the designer has proven that he is able to push the boundaries of modern fashion, creating looks which were provocative without being ridiculous.

The overall feel of the collection is similar to that of Ghesquière's previous collection, using a lot of the same materials and silhouettes that left fashion editors desperate for more last season. The Spring collection saw the debut of super-short hotpants, oversized foam jackets and exaggerated silhouettes, and it is evident that the Balenciaga's Fall offering is intended to be a continuation of the futuristic aesthetic and an exploration in hi-tech fabrics.

The infamous micro-shorts - Balenciaga Spring 2012 RTW

The new sculpted jacket; Balenciaga Fall 2012 RTW
The first few looks showcased a wintry take on the shorts and jacket combo from the Spring collection, seeing semi-sheer knee-length dresses teamed with cocoon coats in a variation of colours. Despite the bold hues and super-shiny hemlines of the dresses, they were surprisingly wearable when teamed with the wide lapel and flattering fit of the coat, displaying a versatility that carried throughout the collection. Ghesquière also experimented with print, utilising a technicolour zebra-print as a subtle nod towards the animal-print trend in a series of looks which showed that the designer can even do zebra without sacrificing taste.

Cocoon coats were a wardrobe staple; Balenciaga Fall 2012 RTW

A new take on animal print; Balenciaga Fall 2012 RTW

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Without doubt one of Ghesquière's greatest attributes is his ability to spice up forgotten classics such as the woolly fleece, making them completely relevant and completely fabulous - Balenciaga's take on the fleece came in a startling sapphire blue, complete with a reflective black trim. Other highlights of the collection included a range of boxy foam jackets, coats and jumpers, each of them patterned in contrasting colours - a stunning grey cocoon coat complete with burnt-orange lining was without a doubt my favourite piece of the collection, proving that there will always be a way to reinvent the winter coat.

A fleece for fashionistas; Balenciaga Fall RTW 2012

The perfect winter coat; Balenciaga Fall RTW 2012
Overall, I think it's fair to say that the recent Balenciaga collections have been a real display of innovation and proof that it is possible to utilise unusual materials and make beautiful, wearable garments. I am in awe of Ghesquière and his ability to create a collection that is both cohesive and that manages to elevate the Balenciaga aesthetic to another level. Despite fifteen years as creative director, it's obvious that this man still has so much more to give.

Slogan sweatshirts done right; Balenciaga Fall 2012 RTW
Balenciaga Fall 2012 RTW

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