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McQ by Alexander McQueen A/W 2012

If ever further proof was needed that Sarah Burton is more than capable of taking the reigns of the impressive empire that McQueen worked so hard to establish, this is it. McQ, the often-forgotten younger sibling of the Alexander McQueen brand, is finally coming into its own, producing one of the highlights of London Fashion Week. Often disregarded due to its lower prices, Burton worked incredibly hard to ensure that the McQ show was equally as impressive as the other highlights of the week, and it's fair to say that her perseverence paid off. From the elaborate set design (the stage was made to look like an enchanted forest, with hand-picked leaves stuck one-by-one to the floor) to the impeccable choice of models and the storyline behind the show, everything combined to ensure that McQ's first runway show was truly memorable. 

The finale; McQ A/W 2012
McQ A/W 2012
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In terms of the actual garments, it was obvious to all that as much thought and care had gone into the designs as with the mainline. Although lower priced than the ready-to-wear pieces, it was clear that price and not quality is the only differentiating factor between the collections. Burton herself stated that all of the clothes were designed on the body, just like the mainline pieces, resulting in the same flattering fit. The first few pieces had a distinctly military feel - khaki jackets were teamed with black patent belts to give the hourglass silhouette that McQueen is famed for - whereas later pieces were more traditionally feminine in design.

McQ A/W 2012
McQ A/W 2012
A regal colour palette of deep purples and ruby reds gave the garments an element of true luxury, especially when combined with sumptious materials such as fur and velvet. It's an impressive to Burton's workmanship that the diffusion line is as beautiful, if not more so, than the mainline. The show ended with a haunting finale as the lights dimmed and legendary model Kristen McMenamy took centre stage in a stunning white lace dress with laser-cut detailling and a full embroidered skirt, creating a moment that will no doubt go down as yet another iconic moment in the brand's history.

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